Why smart web marketers practice content curating

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Creating high quality content on a regular basis eventually becomes a trying task. This is true even in broad markets, where topics are plentiful. After about a year – sometimes sooner – of continuously posting relevant and valuable content, finding new ways to spin old content becomes the  focus of content marketing strategies.

But no one ever said that in order to deliver high quality content, you had to author it all by yourself.

Content curating is a web marketer’s saving grace!

Content curating is simply delivering high quality content from another source to your audience – while giving credit, of course. Content curating is a simple way to satisfy readers’ appetites.

It also keeps your website updated so that Google begins to see that it is a constant source of good information. Great way to move on up in the search engine results pages.

Tips for smart content curating

–          Join newsletters and authority blogs in your niche market. Interesting and informative articles and infographics abound on these forums.

–          Be choosy with the kind of content you deliver to your audience. Make sure it is relevant, evergreen and useful.

–          Curating means adding your own interpretation, ideas or insight to the post once you determine which content is the best fit for your audience. Otherwise, the practice isn’t curating – it’s just reposting others’ content.

–          Always link back to the source infographic, article or video. Don’t worry about losing consumer loyalty. Readers appreciate good directions while traveling down the information rabbit hole.

Here’s why content curating is worth the time:

Naturally, it’s worth the time because curating requires less time than any other kind of content distribution.

In addition to being a timesaver, it gives writers more time to rack their brains to create better, original, high quality content of their own.

Even more important to web marketers, curated content is some of the easiest content to distribute on social media outlets. It’s often as simple as choosing a compelling headline then tailoring the post to each social media site’s recommended post length.

Content curating also exposes web marketers to more relevant information in their markets and sometimes, better ways to deliver content. For that reason alone, content curating is an efficiency boost in your web marketing efforts.

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