Why SEO Matters: Understanding the Benefits of SEO

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

seo-benefitsIf you have a website, then chances are you’ve heard about SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it isn’t spoke of so often for no reason. Much of the business world has transitioned to the internet. Potential clients are now using online tools like Google, Yahoo and Bing to determine where they shop, who they contact and how much they spend on absolutely everything. Industries like home improvement, real estate and the medical field have made large transitions to the internet and now hold a massive online presence—and every single one of these industries (plus many more) are using SEO to drive their business.

Search engine optimization is the craft of getting a particular website to the top of the search results when a certain keyword or phrase is searched for. This is a long and difficult task that requires regular work over a prolonged period of time, and it is something that requires a great deal of strategy and planning. However, a good SEO program can make a huge difference in your business practices, making the task worth the effort and wait.

Here are a few of the leading benefits of SEO, and why they matter to your business:


Creating a website is all well-and-good, but what happens next? To generate business you need traffic on your website—new traffic. Potential clients aren’t going to randomly stumble onto your URL. You need to put your website where they are looking, ideally in front of your competitors. That is what SEO does. By pushing you to the top of the search results a good SEO program can significantly increase the traffic heading to your website.

Brand building.

SEO is not like a standard advertising or marketing campaign. Search engine optimization isn’t going to create ads across the internet to bring clients back to your website, though many can do that as well. Instead, SEO actually builds the strength of your website. By focusing on quality and using comprehensive strategy from within, an SEO plan will create a stronger website with more content that will engage users, and this will boost your business’s brand.

These are far from the only benefits of SEO. Compared to other marketing strategies SEO is very low-cost. In addition, SEO focuses on your exact needs, building placement specific to your location for the keywords you are interested in. This leads to the greatest return on investment possible.

24 Hour Marketing Team.

Imagine having a business that’s open 24 hours that can sell products or services without having to pay huge overheads.  That’s right, SEO works for your business 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  More importantly you know that the visitors coming from SEO are looking for exactly what you do or offer.

Search engine optimization is an integral aspect of conducting business online. Without a strong SEO plan it will be incredibly difficult to get your website the visitors it deserves. SEO will put internet users into your path, directing potential clients to your website instead of relying on word of mouth to build your clientele base. SEO is more than a form of marketing. It is what makes the difference between a thriving website and one that is starving for attention.  Don’t waste any more time and get your SEO plan started today.

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