What’s New in Google Analytics

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Google Analytics recently released a new version of their interface. Purhaps a little hard to get used to at first, but overall a much needed improvement. The new interface makes it easier to access to your data. Plus some of the new features now enhance Google Analytics performance.

One of the new features is known as Google Analytics Real-Time. The name says it all. With Google Analytics Real-Time, you can have instant access to changes made to your page’s data within seconds. This new feature updates the report of how many page views you have only seconds after it happens. You can find the Google Analytics Real-Timereports in the “Home” tab of your account.

Another amazing feature added to Google Analytics is Multi-Channel Funnels. This nifty feature was created to show you any channels that your current customers have networked in for the past 30 days. By channels, we mean anything from pay-per-click searches and display ads to other social networks and affiliate businesses.

A third feature added to Google Analytics was Mobile Reporting. Due to the increasing amounts of website visitors that are relying on their mobile phones to surf the web, Mobile Reportingcan enhance your comprehension of how these visitors are responding to your website. You can even know to what extent they are visiting your website. In fact, you will even have a listing of which mobiles are being used by your visitors.

Yet another feature added was the Flow Visualization. This one employs flowing graphics to display how visitors browse your website. It’s definitely an upgrade from the old navigations tools used in earlier versions of Google Analytics.

Should you have any trouble switching from the old version to the new one, Google Analytics is more than happy to provide assistance. The Google Analytics Help Center is updated on questions related to the new version and it is even running a blog series regarding these new features. Or, you can check out the Google Analytics Help Forum for discussing specific questions that you may not have found covered in the other two options mentioned above.

Google Analytics also allows you to check back on the old version for reference. You can do so by clicking on a link shown at the top right corner of Google Analytics that gives you access to the old version. Google Analytics will leave this link enabled until the beginnings of next year, however, so it’s probably best to became acquainted as soon as possible with the new version.


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