What Type of Leads Can You Capture with Facebook?

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

As a business owner or marketer, you likely know how important Facebook is to your business. With a user base of 1.13 million people (just who are active on the site), you know this social media behemoth can help you reach new audiences you may have missed otherwise.

It can also help ensure your business is found more easily, promote your content, develop a stronger brand identity, and create an entire community around your business.

What you may still wonder about, though, is using Facebook for lead generation purposes. Attracting new leads with Facebook – leads that may convert to real, paying customers – is one of the top reasons so many people are investing in Facebook marketing.

While this is true, only about half of all marketers use Facebook as a source of leads today. This is something that must change. Even if you are generating leads via Facebook, you may need to enhance your efforts.

Keep reading to learn more about the types of leads you can attract on Facebook here.

Capturing Leads on Facebook

While definitions vary depending on where you look, leads are individuals who have shown interest in what you offer. People will show interest in several ways – by filling out a form, downloading something, or completing an online survey.

The two types of leads you can expect to capture via Facebook include:

Direct Leads

A direct lead is created by sharing content that links to a form on your website. Here visitors can share information to receive an offer. This offer may be an infographic, coupon, eBook, or other type of content. You need to ensure you house your form on one of your site’s landing pages that are dedicated exclusively to the offer.

Indirect Leads

An indirect lead is created using Facebook on the way to a conversion. For example, if you have shared a blog post featuring a call-to-action or a landing page at the bottom of your post, your first Facebook share helps to direct visitors to your designated landing page.

Even though promoting your landing pages directory offers instant gratification when it comes to leads, providing content with no form helps ensure your Facebook presence is friendlier for content your customers will return to see time and time again.

Building Your Facebook Lead Generation Efforts

There is no question that Facebook is a viable way to generate new leads and find new possible customers. However, you must get your efforts right to achieve the desired results. Remember, many factors go into creating an effective lead generation campaign via your Facebook presence.

If you need help with your Facebook lead generation efforts, enlist the services of professionals. They can help ensure your efforts are successful and that you get the desired results for your efforts. Keeping this in mind is the best way to make the most of your Facebook lead generation efforts, regardless of your business or industry’s size.

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