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We want your web site traffic to convert into sales

Two important parts of your road to success with your web site are done: Youíve had Web Marketing Pros create the perfect web site to fit your needs, and with a customized Web Marketing Pros SEO program, youíre shooting into the top tier of search engine results. Now, what?

Itís time to successfully have visitors to your web site do something, such as buying your product.

Your Web Marketing Pros web site is designed to be interactive and initiate conversion. You choose what shape that conversion takes. Here are examples of web site conversions:

  • Buy your product
  • Fill out a request for information/contact form on your web site
  • Make a phone call to your business/seek directions to your retail location
  • Request more information
  • Download a .PDF file
  • Sign up for a newsletter delivered via either e-mail or USPS
  • Sign up for Twitter, Facebook, or other social media updates

Remember, the primary roles of your web site 24 hours a day are to:

  • Drive customers to your business
  • Act as your electronic salesperson
  • Be a provider of information
  • Be your full time ambassador to the world

Every web site designed and created by Web Marketing Pros is planned for good results and success. A well done web site is more than a presence Ė itís a positive force, whether for sales, advocacy, or information.

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