Use Graph Search for Improved Content Marketing

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

content-targeted-marketingFacebook’s new Graph Search functionality continues to slowly roll out in limited release. Some people do not think it is going to be a huge game changer , and some think it could be so big it could dethrone Google as the king of search. But there is no doubt that it greatly improves the ability to search in Facebook.

One of the cool things that Search can be used for is contact intelligence gathering, finding emails, messaging, and all around content marketing. Of course, some people have concerns about privacy with Graph Search, and those concerns are legitimate.

When you utilize the Graph Search search bar, you can check the employee roster for any firm in the world. All you have to do is type ‘people who work at COMPANY’ in the search field. Of course, searching for employees is not groundbreaking stuff; LinkedIn has let you do that sort of thing for years. But, you will notice that Graph Search is much more elegant than LinkedIn. Also, because Facebook is a personal network, you will be able to get more interest insights at a glance that you will  have trouble with at a site like LinkedIn.

Also, Facebook does not alert users that you are viewing their profile, whereas LinkedIn does. So, you have a major benefit of anonymous intelligence gathering via Graph Search.

For example, if I were to do a search for SEOmoz employees, I can see which if any friends I have in common with people at that firm. A friend connection is going to be a lot stronger than a general LinkedIn connection. This means that you can more easily get a nice lead to someone at the company, or develop a business relationship at the company in the future. This also would be useful if you were looking for a job at the company.

With Graph Search, you can send a free message to the person you want to contact, if you have a network connection in common with him or her. If not, then Facebook will charge you a variable amount that seems to rely on how many subscribers and followers the person has. For people without followers, such as a random employee at CNET, the cost is only $1. But if you want to contact a more well known user, you could get charged $100.

However, all you need to contact a big whig through Graph Search is to create a network connection through one of their friends, which is pretty easy to do in many cases.

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