Two Keys To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Bloggers need to consider readers other than the ones with two eyes, two legs, and two arms. They also need to keep in mind the electronic ‘eyes’ of web crawlers as they write their posts.

Most people who read blogs are typing search phrases into a search engine to find posts they want. So, you should apply effective, SEO-friendly writing concepts to all of your blog posts.  Do not try to keyword stuff it is dead. And of course don’t use SEO copywriting here’s 10 reasons why.

You can ALWAYS pay an SEO company to comb through your old blog posts and optimize them. But why pay someone to do that when you can just fix the process moving forward.  So fix it now and do it yourself as you write your blog posts? Here are some tips so you can make your blog posts search-friendly as you write them:

1.  Put Relevant Search Terms in Post Titles

Usually your post title or headline is what Google sees first when it crawls your website.  You can learn more about how Google crawls your site using Google webmaster tools. Google for the most part thinks that the keywords that it reads first are the most important, so a good title is critical.

Who do you want to read your blog post? What will that person be searching for and be entering into a search engine to find you? You’ll want to include some of those critical search words into your blog title. However, do not make the title stilted or hard to read, or you’re going to turn off your potential human readers! Also, don’t try to put more than one or two keywords into each title.

2. Link Important Words in Your Post to Earlier Posts

Google is usually going to think that your blog post is more important if it is being linked to. Google also will consider which word is linked in your blog post. For example, if your post is about the iPad, your post will turn up in more Google searches if there is a page that links to the word iPad in your post.

Your blog will get the highest amount of value from sites that search engines think are an authority on the subject in question.

So, you should link any important key words to any other pages in your blog that mention the same key words. But don’t link every other word and go crazy with it; Google doesn’t like that either, and neither do readers.

If you keep these two important blog post tips in mind, you should be able to get your blog posts to rank higher in searches.

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