Twitter’s Promoted Tweets get up Close and Personal with Mobile Users

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Web 3.0 – the mobile era – is going to be a hot topic for a while. Smartphones and tablets make sure of that. So marketers should be staying up-to-date on ways to reach mobile users. In particular, businesses need to focus efforts on making mobile users’ experience as smooth as possible.

Reach the audience the same way the audience reaches the business.

Twitter is an excellent way to do so for small businesses.

Ads on Twitter are called Promoted Tweets. They work the same way all other mobile ads work, just with a 140-character limit.

With 55 percent of Twitter users accessing the website from a mobile device, businesses shouldn’t ignore the opportunity to engage in a manner optimized for mobile viewing.

Promoted Tweets target anyone with similar interests as your own followers, whether they are using mobile web, a Twitter application or a desktop/laptop to access the social network.

Twitter goes even further than that to make your tweets better for mobile users.

When creating mobile ads on Twitter – or Promoted Tweets – you’ll have the option to target tweets by platform.

This means that if your audience is largely composed of Apple fanatics, choosing to target Promoted Tweets at iOS devices is a smart move.

Similarly, if you deal mostly with business executives and influential professionals, targeting Blackberry users is a good idea.

It’s also possible to target all mobile platforms – Android, Blackberry, iOS and other smartphones and tablets. That way you aren’t excluding anyone and missing out on any potential leads.

Create multiple Promoted Tweets for each mobile platform.

Take the time to research demographics of each mobile platform. Then determine how you can create the most compelling ad in 140 characters. Targeted to each specific mobile platform, your Promoted Tweets work harder to build mind share and increase website or blog traffic (if you include a link in the tweet).

Twitter enjoys hundreds of millions of unique visitors on a monthly basis. Even the roughest estimate could tell you that 55 percent of that much Twitter traffic has tremendous potential for your website or blog. Take action now to secure your business’s piece of the Twitter mobile user pie.

Don’t let mobile traffic elude you. Get to tweeting!

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