Twitter Creates App Tool To Let Advertisers Manage Campaigns on the Go

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Twitter-Ad-CompanionMany people access their social media accounts through mobile devices, and this includes marketers who use social media for business purposes. This can make it burdensome for advertisers who want to buy ads and manage campaigns from their mobile devices. Slowly but surely, more and more platforms are expanding their mobile advertising tools. Twitter recently launched their Ads companion tool for iOS and Android devices to help marketers who use Twitter on the go.

Twitter had added a Twitter Ads companion for mobile users who have advertising accounts. The tool allows them to access basic information from the campaign. Change their budgets to optimize campaigns and respond to notifications.

“Since campaigns don’t stop running when the office closes, we’re making it easier for advertisers to manage them from anywhere, at any time with the new Twitter Ads companion,” wrote Christine Lee in a post on the Twitter blog. “This mobile tool lets you check campaign performance, optimize budget and schedule, and respond to notifications. It’s available to all advertisers globally through the Twitter app on iOS or Android devices.”

For monitoring campaigns, the Twitter Ads companion provides information about impressions, engagements, spend, cost per engagement and engagement rate.  Users can view a summary across all campaigns at once or check the performance of specific campaigns. For ad optimization, users can edit campaign bids, budgets and schedules. They can also temporarily pause ads if they want to from the tool.

Twitter has also set it up that responding to notifications using the tool takes the user directly to the section of the tool needed to address the notification. They give the example of an advertiser receiving an email saying the campaign has exhausted its budget. Clicking on the link in the email to extend the budget will bring the user directly to the Twitter Ads companion to add budget to the campaign to keep it going.

Despite what the tools name could imply, you don’t have to add or install anything new to get Twitter ads on your mobile device. The feature is automatically made available to advertisers who use Twitter after they’ve set up campaigns on a laptop or desktop computer. Anyone with a Twitter Ads account can access it from the Twitter app.

Though available for both Android and iOS, the way users access the Ads companion varies by device type and operating system. There will be a small icon with a graph and upward trending arrow for users with device running iOS version 6. On iPhone 5 or earlier, users will have to go to their Twitter profile, then click on the gear icon to access Twitter Ads. For Android users, they can navigate to their settings drop down menu, then click on Twitter Ads. Additionally, they can use the same method as the iPhone 5 of going to the profile and click the chart icon.

It’s clear that Twitter hopes the new tool will make it easier for marketers to spend money on Twitter ads, which will increase revenue for the platform. Twitter has been under increasing pressure to show investors the value of the platform into the future, and increasing spending by mobile users is a good way to accomplish that goal.

For more information about changes to Twitter, read this article on Twitter opening objective-based ads to all users.


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