Tweet Your Way to Higher WebsiteTraffic

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

There are dozens of ways to increase website traffic, yet some of the most effective will cost you. It’s that old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

But there is a method of gaining higher site traffic for FREE. Surely, what is saved in cash will be paid for with time, but a small business undoubtedly benefits from this strategy.

I’m talking about Twitter. Add it to your list of social media-marketing efforts, and give it priority. Here’s why:

Twitter is all about social networking. Social networking is a proven major player in modern marketing. When you get people to have natural conversations about your product or service, you’re gaining consumer mindshare. And that’s the underlying motive behind community interaction on Twitter.

Millions of people tweet throughout the day. It’s your job to create your own community amongst the millions. Do that by conducting a simple search of your targeted keywords using Twitter’s search feature. You can search the conversations people are having on Twitter or profiles featuring your keywords in their bios.

Twitter directories like We Follow are helpful for browsing by topic to find ideal prospects. You can also use sites like Twibes to join groups of Twitter users, united by a specific topic.

Only you can determine which type of search yields the best results for your ideal consumer.

Once you have, just narrow the results of your search to lists of people you can market to on a daily basis. Assuming you plan to provide your best content only, this is an undeniably lucrative opportunity.

But before you run off to bombard your lists with 140-character headlines and links to blog posts, you must understand some rules of the game.

Twitter’s spam police have no mercy on accounts that churn out links all day long with no sign of community interaction. To keep the true essence of social networking, profiles that only market and never interact are subject to deactivation. Avoiding this penalty is where the time-consumption that I mentioned earlier comes into play.

Once you spend the time building your list(s) of eligible prospects, you have to build relationships with them over time. Engage. Communicate. Mention. Follow. Reply. Retweet. The whole nine.

At the point when your followers scroll down their timelines and actually stop to read when they see your Twitter handle, you’re playing to win. You’ve mastered the art of community interaction, and your website reaps the benefits of higher traffic.

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