Top Ways to Use Streaming Video for Your Brand

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

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In 2016, a simple yet revolutionary live streaming technology was introduced. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch are now capitalizing on live streaming. By 2028, it’s expected the industry’s value will exceed $223 billion

Modern live streaming platforms allow you to create a live media show to spread interest in your organization, business, or brand. Right now, this marketing tactic isn’t overcrowded and utilizes an evergreen style of technology – video. 

The interaction and engagement level offered by live streaming is unprecedented. It is now being used by high-competition industries and companies trying to get a “leg up” over their competition. 

If you want to use live streaming for your brand’s benefit, you must know how to take advantage of what it offers. 

Conduct Live Interviews 

If you advertise an upcoming live interview ahead of its air date, you can create a significant amount of buzz around it. Hosting an interview with a big name in your industry will help you raise awareness about your brand and get even more viewers to your website and social media channels. 

Live Q&A Sessions 

“Q&A” sessions, “fireside chats,” “ask me anything” sessions – no matter what you call it, live streaming this type of video only requires a camera, small studio space, and host. 

You can invite the CEO of your company or a host who can salvage interviews if things go south with an aggressive or boring guest. You’ll find that live Q&A sessions work well for virtually any industry or brand. 

Live Product Tutorials or Promotions 

Creating a filmed product demo can help overcome all types of other product promotion videos. It’s a great fit for seasonal product launches and exclusive specials or deals. 

Live Product Launch

Launching a new product via live streaming is a great way to streamline your sales almost instantly. Many brands have done this successfully, including Honda, Apple, Google, and others. Not only will this technique help attract attention to your product, brand, and event, it is going to work to convert buyers. 

Live Behind the Scenes 

Behind the scenes, videos are known for drawing a bigger audience than other types of brand-related content. With this video, you can boost your traffic and provide a deeper engagement level. It’s also possible to show off the lives of people behind your brand. 

Live Product Showcase

When you choose to create a live service or product demonstration, you have a cost-effective way to boost your sales. Live demos of new products or services will help you prime customers to make a purchase

Are You Using Live Streaming to Its Full Potential?

As you can see, live streaming has a lot to offer. If you haven’t utilized this marketing method for your brand, now may be the time to do so. It provides an array of benefits and is something that your customers will actually want to see and interact with. Take some time to try out live streaming to see how it can help your brand.

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