Tips to Use Insights from Paid Search to Optimize Your Other Marketing Efforts

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Today, data analytics have a larger influence over your decision-making, which means there is no reason you should be in the dark regarding who your target audience is or what they want. The growth of technology for the past decade has empowered marketers not only to collect but also to leverage the data collected during various stages of the buying cycle. This is information you should collect and use. 

Every click on a paid ad and any conversions that occur have elements throughout the journey that can be tracked and used for future decisions. With all this valuable data being derived from PPC campaigns, you should not let it sit idle, without being used. Keep reading to learn how you can leverage this data and the insights you gain for other marketing efforts here. 


Retargeting is an essential part of any successful marketing effort. Because the practice is based on reaching out to people who have made a purchase in the past or who have shown interest in the services or products you offer, retargeting will be more powerful when you have data that provides details regarding who is looking and what they are looking for. 

When adequately executed, retargeting can help elevate your customer’s experience and improve the total quality of the visitors coming to your site. 


By now, you know, social medial marketing is a crucial outlet for all digital marketers. It provides a conversational space for brands to do all the following:

Messages and keywords garnered from paid search can be rotated into social marketing to help create more engaging stories and messages. While this is true, there are still far too many marketers who are not doing this. 

If your creative ad copy is generating higher click-through-rates and more conversions through SEO, why would you not replicate this in your social media marketing efforts?


As you collect all types of behavioral and demographic data related to your prospects, take some time to think about how powerful it is when employed on an individual basis. When you are armed with relevant information, you will find it is easy to distribute emails with more personalized messaging and speak to your prospect directly while creating a one-to-one connection. 

The technology available today can be leveraged further by nurturing the campaigns that respond to customer’s actions automatically to guide them further through your sales funnel. 

Get Help with Your Marketing Efforts 

When it comes to business marketing, there are many situations where the services and solutions you want and need are beyond your abilities or know-how. In these situations, be sure you reach out to the professionals. They can help guide your marketing plan and ensure you get the best results possible. Remember, marketing combines an array of efforts and data that, when used together, create the desired results, no matter the specifics of your campaign or business.

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