Tips to Improve Your Online Profile

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

As you likely know, Google controls most search traffic. Today, it’s responsible for 90% to 93% of all online searches made. This means if you want your business to have a chance of being seen, you have to appease Google. 

Have you ever searched for your site only to find you are not showing up – anywhere? Your PPC, SEO, social, and other marketing efforts are obviously not paying off. At this point, you may wonder – now what?

There are a few things to know and steps to take to help improve your site visibility. Keep reading to learn more. 

Search History and Incognito Mode

Incognito mode and past search history can impact how visible your site is. When you browse online and have signed into your Google account, your prior search history is considered. Even if you are not signed in, the browser keeps track of the history of the sites you visited. If you use Chrome’s incognito mode, your search history still plays a role in the sites you are shown or what is seen in SERPs. 

If you have repeatedly searched for your business but don’t click on the link, Google views this as a sign that your site was not relevant to the search. Because of this, you will start seeing other sites. After all, Google’s main goal is to provide a good user experience and relevant results to searchers. 

Keyword Optimization 

The next consideration is the keyword search. If you search for a keyword you believe is relevant to your business, but you aren’t showing up, there could be several reasons for this. Keyword search competition and volume are two reasons. If you use keyword research and latent semantic indexing, you can optimize your content for hundreds of phrases and keywords. 

It’s also good to balance keywords regarding competition and search volume. Keywords that are very relevant to your business usually have more competition, which means your site will not show in the SERPs without developing a targeted campaign. Competition plays a significant role in your website’s look. If your competition includes big businesses with extensive online presence, appearing in search for certain terms may be more difficult. 

You need to determine what keywords you want your site to be found for. Once these are known, analyze them for search volume, competition, and other factors to determine if the effort is worth it. Sometimes, you may need to rethink the keywords you use. 

Ads Visibility

Usually, you should never see your Google Ads – on the display network or in search. Your IP address needs to be added to a whitelist to ensure you aren’t clicking your ad accidentally, which creates false impressions and may impact your ad metrics. 

Improving Your Online Profile 

If you want to improve your online profile, start with the tips and information found here. Each of these will help you achieve the desired level of visibility online. You can also reach out to professionals for more help and information about this.

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