Tips to Engage Your Readers with Interactive Blog Posts

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Is your goal to differentiate your brand and encourage your readers to act? If so, creating interactive blog posts is one of the smartest things you can do. While starting a blog is not that difficult, writing engages posts is a real art form. 

Studies have shown that you can drive up to two times the conversions with interactive content than just having static content. Remember, the more time people spend reading and engaging with the posts you create, the higher rank you can achieve. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to create this engaging and interactive content.

Create a Quiz

People love having the opportunity to test their knowledge on the different topics they are interested in. They also want to dig deeper and learn more about their own personality. Tests like “What’s your vegetable type” are highly engaging and fun. 

A great way to encourage your readers to continue scrolling is by creating mini-quizzes in your blog posts. 

Creating a quiz isn’t hard. Some tools can help you do this easily. For example, if you create a presentation, you can link things to various slides in the presentation or to elements in the same slide. 

After building the quiz, all you have to do is create the embed code and add it to your blog. But this is just one example of how to do this. 

You can even use your quizzes as a lead generation tool. When the quiz ends, request the person’s email address to send them their results. Be sure you keep the design and content in the quiz aligned with your target audience and brand voice. 

Use Embedded Video

People visiting your site will spend up to 2.6 times longer on your page if you have video content present. If you want people to stick around and engage with your blog longer, then embedding video content is a smart move. 

Videos can increase engagement with your blog significantly. Not only will they make your posts much more interesting, but they also make it easier for watchers and readers to consume the content. 

Add a Slideshow

Presentations are great tools to condense information and long paragraphs of text into more digestible slides. Also, readers can interact activity by navigating through your slides. 

Most people would rather view a presentation than read an entire post. If you add a disclaimer, such as “quick summary,” you can ensure people who have landed on your page understand the message you are trying to get across. 

Be sure that you add interactive and visual elements to slides, so they are more engaging, too. Adding CTAs at the end of the presentation will encourage people to act. 

If you want to make your blog posts more engaging, then adding an interactive element is a smart move. Try one of the options mentioned above or find a different one to try. This will help you achieve the interest and interaction you want to see.  

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