Tips for Using Custom Intent Audiences for YouTube Targeting

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

By now, you understand that YouTube is a big deal. However, as 2021 makes its debut, it is something you really cannot afford to ignore. Now is the time to improve your efforts and use the right strategies to reach your audience. Keep reading to learn more about the best YouTube targeting option for 2021. 

Custom Intent Audiences Defined

Now is the time to refocus your efforts. Instead of focusing on customer match and remarketing, look at Custom Intent Audiences. In fact, this is constantly outperforming both things mentioned above when considering conversions, earned actions, and metrics. 

Put simply, Custom Intent Audiences are in-market audiences you can create using your own URLs and keywords. This is an audience of people who are actively searching for specific services or products. 

While Custom Intent Audiences are available through Display campaigns, they work differently on YouTube. You create custom intent audiences from broad-match related search terms people have looked for through Google on YouTube. The people targeted may not have had any type of prior interaction with your brand; however, they are interested in what you offer. 

Custom Intent Audiences to Test

When it comes to custom intent audiences, there are a few go-to options you should test for your YouTube campaigns. These are explained below. 

Converting Search Queries 

Everyone likes and wants conversions, right? More of them are ideal, correct? If this is the case, now is the time to run video ads to individuals who have searched terms like converting queries. Take time to export your existing list of converting queries from the search campaigns and make this your very first Custom Intent Audience. 

Converting Keywords 

This is not the same thing as search queries. You have likely noticed that keyword match types have been downgraded several times recently. How the keywords you target will probably not match the actual search terms that people are typing. Now is the time to create a different audience for these and then test it to see its effectiveness. 

Competitor Terms 

If users are searching for your competition, now is the time to put a video in front of these individuals that show them why your product, service, or brand is better. Video views are much cheaper than more affordable than paying for competitor search terms through the Search Network. It would help if you tried this out for your own video campaigns. 

Best Selling Products 

If you run an e-commerce site, look at the product reports posted in Google Analytics or your own internal reports. Discover what products sell best. Based on your account, you may want to build an audience from the products that make your business the most money or create an audience from products with the highest sales volume. As you can see, there are several ways to reach people via YouTube and take advantage of this platform. If necessary, reach out to the professionals to help you with these efforts.

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