Tips for Using Content Marketing to Boost Your Sites SEO

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

seo-content-marketingIf there is one opinion that unites the entire SEO world in what is the driving force behind website optimization this year and into the foreseeable future, it is the need for quality content. While other aspects of SEO like links and keyword placement are still paramount as well, without quality content these other aspects of SEO fall short.

Content marketing relies on strongly written content to capture reader attention. In many situations a website replaces human interaction in the business world. Where once a shopper would walk into a store and engage with a well-instructed and friendly shopkeeper, that same shopper is now sitting at home and browsing the company’s website—and chances are they will have other tabs open to allow them to see what your biggest competitors have to offer in just the click of a mouse.

At the other side of the computer algorithm, after your website has reached premier placement and attracted the audience that you are looking for, it is your content that will either capture the attention of your audience or drive them away. The search engines understand this, and in an effort to deliver quality links there is added emphasis on the quality of the content on the websites gaining top placement.

Quality content can drive your SEO program. Here are a few tips to enhance your online marketing strategy:

Make it shareable.

The best thing you could ask for would be for readers to take the work out of building your traffic by sharing your content for you. This means creating content that is interesting and worth sharing on social media platforms. Stay on top of upcoming trends and only publish high quality content that is worth reading.

Place keywords wisely.

When it comes to keywords there is some truth to the statement that less is more. You want to find the highest quality keywords and to place them wisely in your content. This means you should have a few keywords that are well placed and relevant, instead of overstuffing your content with keywords that can impede the quality of content.

Make it relevant.

Your content should be interesting to potential readers, and the best way to ensure that someone will find it interesting is to make it relevant. Stay up to date with current topics and trends and take a stand on controversial issues that could spark conversation or debate on your blog.

Organize it.

Lastly, place your content somewhere that makes sense. Use a well designed blog and make your content easily searchable by using straightforward titles and categories that provide insight into what you are writing about.

Using high quality content can make your website infinitely more valuable and significantly boost your online marketing efforts. While links, images and an organized website layout make up the skeleton of a website, the content is the flesh. Good content does more than add substance to your website, it gives provides the reader and the search engines with meaning and value that can make your website standout.

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