Tips for Second-Tier Link Building

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

By now, you understand that link building is a crucial part of any SEO strategy. You may not realize that the basic link building tactics are not enough to help you achieve the desired results or avoid penalties.

This is when the second-tier link building comes in. These are links that feed your strategy by pointing to your first tier links and offer a powerful and effective way to improve your results.

What Are Second Tier Links?

A first-tier link is a link you create on an external source and points to one of your website’s pages. These are often considered the typical or standard SEO links. A second-tier link is built on an external source that points to content, including a first-tier link. These are specifically created to pass traffic and authority to the content that is used for creating value with the first-tier link.

Benefits of Second-Tier Link Building

Some of the biggest benefits offered by second-tier link building can be found here.

Link Equity Growth

It is possible to increase link equity with this strategy. Link equity refers to the ability your links have to pass authority back to your site. If you often engage in this strategy, you can increase authority and make each of your first-tier links more valuable.

This is particularly beneficial if you are using a PBD – private blog network or trying to grow multiple sites. It is also helpful if you are building links with lower-authority publishers that may benefit from this external boost.

Multiply Your Referral Traffic

Another benefit of second-tier link building is that you can increase your referral traffic created by the first-tier links. While link building is a way to get attention to help increase domain authority and increase search engine rankings, it is also beneficial for attracting new referral traffic.

Expand Visibility

Improving your brand visibility is an essential task that all businesses and marketers need to focus on. Even if you are not acquiring new traffic or conversions immediately, if you develop a strong brand mention as a first-tier link, building the second-tier links offers an effective way to get more eyes on it. This is particularly beneficial if your first-tier link is citing your website to show off your expertise on a subject, increasing customer trust.

Mitigate Risk

While manual actions are only taken for the most egregious offenses, link building comes with some type of risk. If you begin spamming links or build links in a manner that is seen as low-quality, it may negatively impact your rank in Google and other search engines. While this is true, second-tier links are an effective way to minimize your risk.

Get Help with Second-Tier Link Building

Are you ready to see the benefits mentioned here? If so, the second-tier link building is an effective strategy that will improve your website ranking and more. Being informed is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved. Working with a professional will pay off, as well. Keep this in mind to achieve the desired results and listed benefits for your website or websites.

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