Tips for Engaging Customers at Each Touchpoint of the Buyer’s Journey

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Have you noticed how new technology is changing the buyer journey? Thanks to the availability of multiple tools and devices (product review aggregating platforms, shopping reward platforms, price comparison platforms, and others), buying decisions are now more unpredictable, and the buyer journey is spontaneous and scattered.

Tips for Engaging Customers at Each Touchpoint of the Buyer’s Journey

Someone may begin their buying journey via Facebook by looking at an ad and then use a mobile device to research further the product advertised by Google. They may become distracted by reading Google reviews, find another product that comes with higher recommendations, and make a purchase they never intended to make from a seller they had never heard of before.

A person’s buying journey often includes multiple devices and touchpoints.

For most B2B marketers, the buying journey is more complicated than before, too. Now, the average purchasing journey is about twice as long as it was six years ago and is getting longer each year.

Some tips to help you engage your buyers at every touchpoint are found here. By using these tips and strategies, you will begin seeing more conversions.

Create More Engaging Copy

Well written copy is a must to improve organic visibility. Quality copy helps ensure your content ranks well, can improve your organic click-throughs, and even keep visitors on your website.

Quality content will “handle” an array of tasks, including organic visibility, time on page, and clicks. If your content is not quality, it is time to put more marketing dollars and energy into it.

Use the Right Engagement Tools

If your goal is to have visitors travel further into your site, attempting to sell them something immediately isn’t a smart move. This is particularly true if a visitor is just at the research phase. Engaging a visitor with additional content suggestions will provide better results than trying to convert the person with your primary CTA.

Use an Exit-Intent Chatbot

If a visitor to your website reaches the bottom of the sales funnel, you must handle this with special care, which includes avoiding any distractions. Up to 70 percent of customers will leave the shopping cart and never make a purchase, so you must do something.

A good route is to implement exit-intent technology. This is used to identify when someone is about to leave and engages them at this point. The software is often used to help grow a business’s email list. However, it’s also beneficial when trying to improve sales funnel performance.

Make an Investment in Retargeting Ads

It doesn’t matter what you do, converting every visitor is virtually impossible. This is when retargeting campaigns can help you reach these people as they search the web. With remarketing, someone sees your brand, and there’s an improved chance they will complete the sale.

If you are ready to improve engagement at each point of your sales funnel, use the tips and information here. Doing so will help you improve conversions and sales significantly.

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