Tips for Creating Segmented User Experiences

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

You probably already understand that your business doesn’t serve a homogenous customer base. Unless you serve a specific niche, there is a good chance you have a product or service that benefits many people.

Since there are so many different types of customers that are different from each other, they won’t all be one by the same kind of messaging. Therefore, it is beneficial to create unique user experiences on your site that will speak to each segment of your customer population.

Some tips for creating a more personalized and segmented user experience for your website are listed here.

Tips for Creating Segmented User Experiences

Create Target Market Personas

You must figure out the segments of your bigger population. There are several ways to break your audience into more distinct buyer personas – this all starts with data. This can be data acquired from your social media analytics, website, email service provider, or CRM.

Begin by looking for behavioral and demographic trends. There are some age groups, genders, and people from other locations who may be willing to do business with you – who are they? If you have a B2B company or have industries you work with often, who are your point people?

You can also use behavioral trends. Are there individual pages on your site that almost everyone visits before converting? Does one blog do better than others? Is there a specific email campaign that drives more prospects to set up a call or meeting?

Once you gather the needed information, you can create a composite sketch of each of your ideal customers – who are they, what do they need, what do they expect from you?

Make Room for Self-Identification

Now that you have figured out the different audience segments, you can start to create different experiences and messaging for them on your website. The easiest way to make sure each of your customers winds up on the path intended for their persona is by allowing them to choose the right segment on your site.

Websites do this regularly. Each of the buttons on the site will take people to a specific homepage based on their needs.

Create Unique Landing Pages

This is an effective tactic to use when trying to drive traffic from ads on your website. Consider a paid search campaign. If you own an architectural firm and you have two personas:

  1. Private schools
  2. Non-profit organizations

You can create a Google Ad campaign targeted at board members and leaders of private school leaders. When the ad is clicked, instead of leading this person to the generic landing page for a commercial project, create a specific landing page about the work you have done for other schools.

The customized landing page you create is effective immediately and addresses the pain points of your persona.

Are You Ready to Create Segmented User Experiences?

As you can see, there is an array of benefits offered by creating segmented user experiences on your website. For more information or help with this endeavor, be sure to contact the professionals.

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