There’s a more useful search engine for marketers than Google… and it’s not Bing.

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Lead generation is a pain for more than 75% of online marketers. Traditional lead generation tasks continue to decline in effectiveness – meaning dollars continue to fall down the drain because of virtually nonexistent ROIs.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Mintigo recently released the first customer search engine, to the delight of many failing marketing campaigns. In addition to helping businesses tailor lead generation to the most qualified buyers, the customer search engine solves a number of other problems as well.

Less advertising clutter for consumers

Assuming both B2B and B2C companies hop on Mintigo‘s gravy train, the mountain of advertising messages that consumers are subject to on a daily basis will start to crumble.

Using what Mintigo calls CustomerDNA™, the customer search engine scours the Web finding those who are most susceptible to buying triggers. If companies focus more on marketing to highly qualified leads, there will eventually be less clutter for consumers to have to sort through in order to find what they really need.

Supplement inbound marketing efforts

SEO, social media and search ads play their part. When correctly executed, they are excellent tools for increasing visibility. But there’s always room for improvement.

Mintigo’s customer search engine provides businesses with a steady stream of qualified leads based, once again, on CustomerDNA™. While traditional inbound marketing tasks cast out a wide net to catch qualified leads, Mintigo’s customer search engine is a sharp shooter.

Take advantage of an endless database – the Internet

There is so much information about buyers available on the Internet. And the data only continues to grow as social media’s popularity increases.

It’s impossible for humans to sift through all the information to find patterns and buying triggers on an effective level.

The most impressive feature of Mintigo’s customer search engine is its ability to culminate lists of highly qualified leads based on the patterns of companies’ existing customers. CustomerDNA™ also gleans the habits and buying patterns of current clientele to help find more hot prospects.

Internet marketing is taking on a completely new shape.

Updated algorithms are followed by new social media outlets. New social media outlets are succeeded by innovative platforms that narrowly focus marketing efforts.

Mintigo’s customer search engine is an innovation that marketers should seriously consider if lead generation is one of their most challenging tasks.

A tool that helps marketers know which messages to send to whom and when to send them is valuable – if not priceless.

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