The Google Glass Resistance Grows

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

google-glassGoogle Glass has set up shop as the newest, hot gadget. So, it’s only logical that a hefty backlash already is growing, which is uniting both technophobes and pro-privacy advocates to form major opposition to the new gadget.

There is a new site out there called Stop the Cyborgs, which wants to help organize people who desire to save the world from what it calls ‘the cyber collective.’ They do not see Google Glass as a great way to do livestream footage of yourself bungee jumping….they view it as the start of a violence-tinged cyborg-like empire. This does not sound good!

The site’s creators say that Google Glass will have the ability to silently and passively record footage without the subject knowing. They believe this a major threat to our privacy.

The site also states that there will be major consequences for people all over the world as we lose the ability to tell the difference between the digital and the real world. They believe that people will make decisions and interact with others in the real world in such a way that will greatly depend upon information that they derive from Google Glass.

They think that there will be no way in the Google Glass future to get away from your online profile, and that the Glass system will be controlled by a few corporations.

If all this makes you a bit nervous, there are some things that the group says you can do to avert the borg threat: Make your property or business a ‘surveillance device free zone,’ like the bar in Seattle we reported about last week. They even provide Google Glass ban signs. They also recommend that you write to your congressperson or to start a consciousness-raising group.

We don’t know if Google Glass really is a threat to humanity, but we’ll admit the idea of someone filming us without our knowledge does give us pause.

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