The First Three Steps of Web Marketing For Newbie Business Owners

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Starting your own business is a strenuous mission. One of the most important aspects of building a successful company is marketing. You can have the absolute BEST product on the market, but if your marketing sucks, sales won’t reflect the product’s quality.

For those who are new in business, Internet marketing may seem like a huge challenge. It’s tough enough to promote a company effectively using traditional marketing. Going digital tends to only complicate things for newbie entrepreneurs.

To help get over the hurdle, there are three steps that new business owners should take for fruitful web marketing.

1. Be specific about your marketing style. Be you, because no one can do it better. Make sure you’re consistent across all channels. The tone of your website should match the tone of social media activity. You know your product/service better than anyone else does. Bring out that exclusive knowledge – in your own style – when you market your website.

2. Make all marketing efforts customer-centric. The customer is always right… and even when they really aren’t, it’s still important to make customers feel as if they’re your most important asset. Mainly because they ARE your leading asset. Without customers, any business will fail. Give customers ALL your attention and appreciation.

3. Don’t shy away from the spotlight. As campaigns run their course, more people will start paying attention. This isn’t the time to back down. When the spotlight is on, take advantage. Jump into high gear and send all the marketing messages you can. Utilize email marketing lists and social media followers. And don’t forget to be entertaining. No one cares for the uptight guy that does everything by the book.

There will be many obstacles on the road to becoming a successful business owner. A lot of them will be out of your control.

So when it comes to marketing, be prepared to do all you can to secure your share of the marketplace. By following the three steps above, new businesses can start generating the customers and profits needed to continue expanding.

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