The Best SEO Pays Google Its Algorithm Updates No Mind

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Google’s purpose is to offer relevant information on pretty much any topic imaginable to people all over the world.

Necessary to achieve that purpose, the search engine giant has had to cut down on a few whose intentions were to game the system.

In come algorithm updates.

Algorithm updates are precious to Google because they help to deliver the highest quality information to search engine users. But, contrary to popular belief, algorithm chasing isn’t going to help your SEO much.

Some SEOs darn near go grey worrying about which algorithm Google plans to roll out next. But if you create content with the intent to truly inform, entertain, persuade, etc., you won’t have to worry.

Once you start writing just to slide past an algorithm unscathed, you stop writing for the people who really affect your SEO efforts.

So get this straight: algorithms should never be the guide by which anyone creates content.

At most, algorithms help to set higher standards for indexed information online. There’s no need to study every algorithm change in the past two years just to sit down and write copy.

Keep your ideal target in mind. Write conversationally. And sprinkle keyphrases throughout the copy in a naturally. That’s how SEO copywriting works.

Don’t stress what Google’s going to do next.

Whether it’s Penguin and Panda, or Pigeon and Panther, some will spend too much time trying to memorize the rules, while others make the smart decision to focus on being a source of consistent, high-quality information that’s easy to read.

Be like the latter!

You can’t stress what Google’s going to do next. You’ll be left behind in your competitors’ dust.

Remember: Google can’t open its wallet and pay for your goods.

Google can only get the information to your audience that makes them want to open their wallets for your goods.

Speak to who’s worth it.

Are you trying to pay for Google’s favor, or do you want to build relationships with people who are interested in what you have for sell?

Organic SEO is all about quality content that will attract quality backlinks and a lot of social sharing.

Make organic SEO your mission, instead of chasing the latest algorithm update.

Use brainpower to gain more shares, more sales, more readers and more money – not to keep track of Google’s every move. By delivering value and quality, you’ll guard your content against any rank-stripping penalties.

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