The Benefits of Investing in Evergreen Content

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Over 80% of the businesses in the United States use blogs are a marketing tool. An overwhelming number of consumers read blog content on a regular basis. When optimized properly, blogs provide business owners with the opportunity to educate their audiences. Choosing the right type of content to put on your website is a lot harder than most business owners realize. 

If you want people to actually read the content on your website, then you have to figure out how to reach them with your message. Evergreen content is a common buzzword used by both business owners and content marketing professionals. Here are some things you need to know about evergreen content and the benefits provided by this type of content. 

What is Evergreen Content?

A piece of evergreen content is designed to remain relevant to readers long after it has been published. If you want to develop content that is both timeless and relevant, then you will have to work with experienced content marketing professionals. Filling your website with time-sensitive content can work against you. This type of content will soon lose its relevancy and will have to be replaced. 

Types of Evergreen Content

Making your business website a hit with potential customers is only possible with great content. Evergreen content comes in many forms. Using a variety of different evergreen content on your website allows you to expand the reach your business has. 

Lists are one of the most relevant and useful forms of evergreen content you can put on your business website. These list-type articles can cover subject matter related to the product/services your business provides or common mistakes to avoid. Keeping your list-type evergreen content industry-specific is important if you want to keep your audience engaged. 

How-to tutorials and guides are also a type of evergreen content you need on your website. Explaining a complicated subject in detail provides lots of value to the reader. The subject you cover in a how-to article should be something you are knowledgeable about. By covering a subject, you know a lot about, you can provide your audience with information they can actually put into action. 

Reasons To Use Evergreen Content

Increasing the amount of traffic your website receives is easier said than done. Doing things like publishing new content on a regular basis and earning backlinks from authoritative websites can help you drive more traffic to your domain. If you publish evergreen content related to subjects that consumers commonly search for, you can generate more leads. 

Search engines like Google also view evergreen content as valuable. This means that a website filled with well-written evergreen content will land on the first page of search results more often than not. Google loves evergreen content that is over 1,000 words long. Investing in this long-form content can help you achieve the search engine dominance you are after. 

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