Tell-Tale Signs That Your Website Needs to Be Redesigned

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

If your main goal is to reach more consumers with your marketing message, there is no denying the importance of a great website. A business website is not something you can set and forget. It will have to be updated over time to keep the content and experience it provides fresh and modern. A study found that nearly 60% of consumers will avoid using a small business website if it appears to be neglected or outdated. 

Instead of losing potential customers due to website neglect, you need to look for signs that your domain needs some updates. Here are some tell-tale signs that it is time to invest in a website redesign. 

Your Existing Website Isn’t Responsive

Experts predict that by 2023, there will be over 287 million mobile Internet users in the United States. The number of people accessing the Internet from cell phones and other mobile devices grows substantially every year. If you want to reach people using their mobile devices to access your website, then you need to make sure it is responsive. 

Ignoring the need for a mobile-friendly website can result in you losing tons of potential customers. This is why you need to immediately update your website if it isn’t currently responsive. With a responsive website, all of the images and text on your domain can be viewed by people regardless of the size of the screen they are using. With the help of seasoned web developers, you can make your website more responsive in record time. 

The Content On Your Website is Outdated

Doing an audit on your website will help you assess how well it is performing. As you perform this audit, be sure to look at the content on your website thoroughly. If you have tons of blogs that are performing poorly, then optimizing them for search engine success is important. Performing a content refresh can help you attract attention from both consumers and popular search engines. 

You also need to realize the value of adding video to your website. Many marketing experts report a strong link between better SEO and more video content on a website. Putting videos on your homepage is also a great way to reel in potential customers and inform them about what your brand has to offer. 

Slow Load Speeds

Are you getting complaints about slow website loading times? If so, this is a clear indication that your website needs to be redesigned. This is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of problems. Coding errors, bad web hosting and large image files sizes can slow your website down. The longer you wait to get a handle on this speed issue, the more people you will ultimately drive away. This is why you need to get your website redesigned with the help of professionals quickly. 

If you are currently dealing with the problems mentioned here, it is time to take action. The money invested in a website redesign will be worth it.

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