Steven Spielberg and a Halo Television Series

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

halo-gameWhat is a fantastic combination? Steven Spielberg and Halo. What’s even better? Steven Spielberg making a television series of Halo.

At the unveiling of the new Xbox One console, Microsoft and 343 Industries (the current maker of Halo) were pleased to present this great news.

For years there have been talk of a Halo film or television series, there even was a film set to be directed by Peter Jackson, but was later turned into District 9. So this news is heaven to Halo lovers around the world.

This is such a clever tactic by Xbox, because Halo has always been an anchoring point for Xbox for years. With the addition of many fans dream come true, comes the great addition that it won’t be just anyone backing it up, it will be Steven Spielberg. Come on, who doesn’t know that name? He is one of the most popular directors of our time and has been known to make some of film’s greatest achievements.

As the new generations of kids come along, video game usage is continually on the rise. Halo has always been, to most, the epitome of Xbox gaming. It is one of the defining factors in why many gamers choose Xbox over PlayStation or at the very least owns both. So, as the new systems of these companies grow closer and closer to their release dates, the companies are working harder to gain as much publicity as possible.

This mention of a live-action Halo series is going to do just that. Even for people that may not be as into Halo as others, there is still the promise because of the inclusion of Spielberg.

An avid television watcher may hear of this new show coming out that is supposed to be handled by one of film’s greatest directors. With or without the previous knowledge of Halo, they more than likely will know of Spielberg, thus drawing them into the show. This drawing in of the viewer may push them to finally try out Halo, thus opening up Halo to more users and allowing Xbox One to reel in even more gamers.

Xbox just made a huge step on their way to beating out the upcoming PlayStation console, so this brings the question: What’s your next move PlayStation?

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