Seven Hidden Benefits of SEO to Your Company’s Bottom Line

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

seo-benefitsSearch Engine Optimization is a huge and growing industry. The vast majority of corporations around the world, big and small, have websites. Building an online presence is essential to moving forward with your business and staying competitive with others in your industry. Search engine optimization helps to build your online presence, allowing you to reach a greater audience and become more visible across the internet. This is why so many corporations turn to SEO experts to build their placement in the Google search results, but there are more benefits to SEO that many people overlook.

The SEO industry works within the guidelines of Google to enhance search results. Google spends a lot of time thinking about the optimal user experience. When you log onto Google you are looking for something specific. The ability to find what you are looking for will encourage you to return to Google again and again. It is in Google’s best interest to make the user happy, and that is why they update their algorithm regularly to ensure that the results they are displaying are the most relevant, interesting and quality pieces of information on the designated subject from across the web. Optimizing your website to make it fit the guidelines set by Google makes Google’s job easier.

Ultimately, a good SEO strategy will leave everyone happy. You’ll be happy with higher placement, the user will be happy by being directed to a site with the information or services they were looking for, and Google will be happy with the successful interaction between your website and the user.

Here are the top 7 hidden benefits of a good SEO program:

  1. Enhances Usability of the Website. SEO is concerned with the user experience. This means making sure that the design of a website is simple to navigate and that information and services are easy to find.
  2. Gives You Authority. An SEO program can build your online authority in several ways. The keywords, back links and other strategies will build your reputation with Google, helping to boost your search engine placement, while building your presence in social media avenues will create a community around your brand and improve your authority in your industry.
  3. Eliminates Jargon. Potential customers don’t use the same language as you do within your industry. Fields like the medical industry and home repair are especially susceptible to jargon, but a good SEO strategy will replace this language with simpler content that is ideal for your audience.
  4. Viral Potential. Good content has the potential to go viral. This means that those who aren’t actually looking for your services will be directed to your website to view your content thanks to the reputation it is developing. This is especially common with videos and controversial content topics. When something on your website goes viral your online reputation becomes a lot stronger.
  5. Strengthen Online Branding. SEO makes your website more visible, and this means putting your company name and logo in multiple avenues so more people are finding it. A good SEO program will get your brand seen.
  6. Makes You Social. Most SEO programs now incorporate social media. This is essential, as about half of the US population uses social media in some capacity.
  7. Makes Websites Crawlable. SEO programs build the massive web that is the internet by creating quality links that will direct users to your website, ultimately increasing traffic.

When thinking about SEO, many people overlook these hidden benefits. The bottom line of SEO is an enhanced online experience for all involved. Keywords and links drive SEO, and ultimately these tactics are aiming to put your website higher in the search engine results, but good placement is often just the tip of the iceberg with SEO.  Talk to an SEO expert about your aspirations for web presence to determine the best SEO strategy for your needs.

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