Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

seo-vs-ppcThe feud between PPC and SEO has raged on for some time now, as people try and figure out which is better for their company, especially with the Penguin and Panda updates over time adding fuel to the fire. Due to these updates, people are leaning more towards PPC now as it seems to be safer and less of a burden. However, is safer always better?

Sure, SEO is changing constantly and sometimes dramatically. This makes it harder and riskier to use it. Anytime a new algorithm comes up and website trafficking becomes mixed up, people rely on blaming SEO.

SEO and PPC are both very popular and the argument between the two is just as popular. Businesses, websites, and individuals have the option of choosing either one of these or even both if they want to. So with this choice comes the stress of picking between the two, going on to cause arguments by the advocates of either side.

SEO brings you organic search through organic search results, while PPC is kind of like placing an ad within Google for specific keywords. Since they both have been proven to drive traffic through Google, people worry about which one to pick.

SEO gets you ranked highly for the keywords you target. There is no guarantee, but if it is done correctly and effectively by the right website, then it has been known to produce better ROI than PPC. SEO is delicate thing and it takes time, finances, work, strategy, skill, and many other resources in order to optimize properly. The end result sometimes takes at least 6 months and involves a lot of tweaking.

PPC is making sure you show up though, such as with AdWords. It is quick and doesn’t take long for you to show up, with you paying for every click that is generated. This can end up being quite costly, since every click is costing you. You’ll need to focus on optimizing your website.

SEO doesn’t have the assurance that PPC does, but if done correctly by the right people then it tends to yield a much higher ROI than PPC.

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