Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can be a driving force for your business.

The overriding goal of any search campaign is increasing qualified traffic and visitors and converting them to leads, calls, and sales. Be wary of other companies who do the same thing every month, each month you need to adapt your strategy so you can dedicate your dollars to the highest yielding activities.

How long does search engine optimization take?

seo process

Typically your website pages will be placed on the top 1-3 positions for many of your keywords on the major search engines within 3-6 months of project initiation. For less competitive keywords results can be achieved in as little as 45 days. For the most competitive keywords it may take up to 6-12 months to get solid long term results in the top positions of the Search Engines. We do not guarantee our rankings, however, we do guarantee our service. Learn more on our guarantee.

The two main activities we use to reach this objective are content enhancement and link building. On page optimization and inbound quality links will be a priority. New web pages will be built on your website that focus on educating your visitors with the services or products you offer. These pages will have keyword focused content that will serve to increase your visibility on search engines and drive you closer to the top of the keyword listings for specific niche keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your industry. These pages will be built for the user and our #1 goal is to provide the visitor the best experience possible. The majority of the content (text & images) will be generated by both us (at no additional charge) and taken from existing materials you provide and integrated into the look and feel of your site.

Not all methods we use are listed on our search engine optimization or (SEO) packages page, all of our packages are custom and include much more. Our experience and knowledge of marketing allow us to outrank most average SEO practitioners. We do not use any "black hat" methods that may violate the standards set forth by the search engines. Because we continually monitor the ever-changing search engine algorithms and internet marketing landscape, we avoid wasting time on old ineffective methods.

Our focus is to produce the highest ROI by increasing traffic that converts to new business.

If your website graphics and copy need to be improved to increase conversion, our president Peter Roesler's history of creating award winning websites makes us infinitely qualified to make these enhancements as part of our services.

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