Report Shows Mobile Changing Every Aspect of CPG Economy

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

market-researchThe mobile marketing has given business owners and marketers a lot of opportunities to reach consumers with relative content and mobile ads. As consumers become more comfortable with mobile technology, business owners should adjust their marketing strategies with that in mind. A new report from Ninth Decimal shows just how much of an effect mobile marketing is having on every part of consumer packaged goods (CPG) commerce, online and off.

The CPG 2014 Insights Report highlights recent mobile market audience usage trends for advertisers to apply to their mobile strategies and campaigns. The study is based on data compiled from a survey of 1,202 randomly selected mobile users, as well as the billions of data points from Ninth Decimal’s proprietary mobile audience intelligence platform.

“Consumers increasing use of their mobile devices throughout their path-to-purchase offers CPG brands an enormous opportunity to influence shoppers at every step of their purchase lifecycle,” said David Staas, president of Ninth Decimal, according to BizReport. “Our latest report provides the market with new data around how consumers rely on mobile devices, from research and consideration to creating their shopping list, and ultimately purchases.

According to the report, 68 percent of consumers use their mobile device to discover a CPG brand or product prior to shopping, while 86 percent of shoppers now use mobile devices to plan their shopping trips, revealing tremendous opportunities for CPG brands to engage and influence their audience before they get to the store.

The report also has data that shows the effectiveness of mobile ads for brands. According to the report, CPG mobile ads in 2014 led to a 75 percent lift in store visits compared to the control audience that did not see the ad. The represents a 36 percent increase from the 2013 CPG drive-to-retail campaigns.

Mobile has a large effect on the way people handle their grocery shopping. More than two-thirds (69%) of consumers prefer to find/save coupons on their mobile compared to printing them out to bring to the store, this is a 25 percent increase from 2013. Additionally, nearly six out of 10 (59%) consumers create a shopping list via their mobile device, with 47 percent reporting using a mobile note and 32 percent using an app. About one in three (31%) of consumers still use non-mobile handwritten shopping list.

The study also noted that about six out of 10 (59%) of shoppers used their mobile while grocery shopping in 2014. According to the survey, 37 percent of consumers use their mobile to search for discounts and 35 percent browse recipes while grocery shopping. The researchers also noted that moms are most likely to use their mobile in-store to search for discounts (67%) or get competitors’ prices (54%).

Some interesting takeaways include:

This study from Ninth Decimal shows how powerful mobile marketing is for retailers. Mobile marketing is more than just help for online sales. Business owners and marketers can use mobile technology to reach people whether their shopping online or in the store.

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