Possible Reasons Why Your Blog Content Isn’t Getting Shared

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Possible Reasons Why Your Blog Content Isn’t Getting Shared

If you are looking for ways to drive more traffic to your business website, then adding a blog to your domain is crucial. Studies show that adding a blog to a website can increase traffic by up to 400 percent. Developing content that is both industry-specific and informative can help you reach your target audience with your message. One of the main things you need to keep track of is how many shares your blog content is receiving. 

The more shares your content gets, the more people you can reach with your message. If your blogs are getting very few shares on social media, here are some possible causes of this problem and what you can do to address them. 

Your Headlines Aren’t Grabbing Attention

When scouring the Internet for information, the first thing most consumers will look at is the headline of a particular blog. Some business owners focus so much on the content in their blog that they forget about the importance of a great title. If the blogs on your website are not getting shared, it might be due to boring titles. Taking an objective look at your titles can help you pinpoint why they aren’t grabbing attention. 

As you inspect the titles, you need to check to see if they have elements like:

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to optimize your headlines, you need to do some online research to find out what the titles for popular blogs about similar subject matter have in common. Drawing inspiration from the titles of these popular articles can help you devise great titles for your own blogs. 

Poorly Written Content Is a Huge Problem

Creating content that converts and gets shared is a lot harder than you probably realize. Some business owners think that in-depth knowledge about their industry is enough to develop great blog content. In reality, this industry knowledge often leads to content being developed that is filled with jargon and devoid of any engagement. If you are receiving complaints from loyal customers about the quality of your blog content, it is time to pay attention. 

One of the best ways to consistently provide consumers with great blog content is by handing this job off to professionals. With the help of content marketing professionals, you can produce content that gets shared all over the Internet. 

You Aren’t Promoting Your Blog Content

Generating a buzz with your blogs takes more than consistently creating and publishing new content. Consumers won’t intuitively know that you have new content on your blog, which is why you have to promote it on your social media accounts. If your followers see this promoted content, they are more likely to read it and share it on their own profiles. 

By using the tips covered in this article, you can create blogs that get plenty of shares. 

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