Platform Profile – PunchTab App

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

PunchTab is a loyalty app for websites and social media platforms that allows visitors to gain points toward prizes or other rewards (e.g. gift cards). Visitors gain points by visiting a page or doing social media actions like “tweeting” or “liking” a page on a site that has PunchTab installed. The service was started in 2011 and has gained major clients like eBay and Arby’s.

PunchTab has several pricing models including a free version for clients with less than 10,000 users. By getting the paid version, vendors get unlimited users, plus full customization and other features.

PunchTab’s pricing makes it an excellent tool for companies, since businesses don’t have to pay for the rewards they use as incentives for their customers. The rewards are provided by companies that want to get their products or services in the hands of new customers like Starbucks (gift cards) and Amazon (Kindles).. Another benefit of PunchTab is the accessibility. PunchTab is easy to use and install onto a site, making it appropriate for companies both big and small. The incentives of PunchTab can add a lot of exposure to a site or blog.

The main disadvantage of PunchTab is not with the app itself, but the overall of efficacy of rewards and loyalty programs. While using PunchTab may increase visitors and pageviews, it does little good if the content on the site doesn’t move the visitor to action. Similarly, though PunchTab would include sharing on social media networks, there is nothing to guarantee that the the information would be shared with people in the targeted demographic.

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