Platform Profile – PR Newswire

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

PR Newswire is a new release distribution company which began operations in 1954, when it was hired by companies to send text press releases to media outlets. Now, they are the global industry-leader in communications and marketing services for public companies, private companies, agencies, non-profit and government organizations.

Posting a press release on PR Newswire costs money, but the prices range based on what kind of services you choose to use. Fees range from search engine optimized web-only posting that cost $130 to full-blown multimedia news releases with video for $3,750.

Because of its size and the age of the organization, PR Newswire has the largest network of media, bloggers and websites of any other online PR firm. As such, has the highest trafficked and most referenced press release site in search engines. Press releases issued through PR Newswire have been shown in the top spot of Google News, directly from the PR Newswire site.

PR Newswire can be a victim of its own success. Some audiences are untrusting of press releases and PR because they see it as a form of manipulation. If information about your company is listed on a Forbes page or a PR Newswire page affects the amount of trust people put into thessage.

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