Pinterests Newest Feature Helps Companies Market Their Websites

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

All social networks are in a race to become the best arena for building relationships and keeping engagement alive. Pinterest falls right in line. Its newest feature gives business accounts more authority while also alerting audiences to companies that provide visual content.

The new feature helps companies market their websites though website verification. Similar to Twitter’s verification feature, Pinterest users are notified by a check mark that the company, person or organization is legitimate.

Pinterest is doing more for the businesses that use the social media site for marketing.

This is one of few Pinterest updates that seem to be targeted at business users.

Businesses are boasting increased traffic from Pinterest interaction and creative professionals are finding ways to stand out and market themselves via the pin board social media site. In light of this,  Pinterest is looking more into optimizing their business users’ experiences.

The process is simple to verify a website on Pinterest. Although still in its early days and not yet available to ALL Pinterest users, it’s smart to go ahead and familiarize yourself with how to verify your website on Pinterest.

Why Verify Your Website on Pinterest?

By verifying your website, you’re giving your company more credibility. True enough, website verification doesn’t mean you’re an honest and honorable businessperson. Yet, the verification gives consumers a subconscious stamp of approval for your business.

It’s just like seeing the Better Business Bureau emblem on a retail website’s homepage when you want to order from its selection.

Verifying your website also weans out the fakers. Imagine being so popular that others create Pinterest accounts impersonating you or your business or pretending to be a part of your PR team. Keep your online reputation clean and clear with website verification.

The Best Part…

Display your domain on prime real estate! Once you complete the verification process,  your URL shows up alongside the social media buttons and location information on your Pinterest profile. By having an active link to your website above the fold, you’re more likely to get clicks.

So if you’ve been putting off joining Pinterest, learn how quickly visual content can drive traffic and can possibly make your content go viral.

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