Pinterest Announces Useful Updates to Advertising, Business Profiles, and Catalog Features

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Businesses that want to increase their online exposure should take advantage of popular social media platforms. Though it’s not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is still a useful platform for marketers who want to reach certain demographics. Pinterest has made several updates this year to make the network more appealing to business owners. Last week, Pinterest announced changes to business profiles, advertising options, and global catalogs on the platform. 

Businesses that use Pinterest should check out the new dynamic business profiles that the company is rolling out. These new profiles will highlight business’ Pins and products by placing them front and center. Part of the update includes a dedicated Shop tab, which enables people to shop items directly from the profile as well as drive traffic to a retailer’s site. 

The redesign also allows marketing teams to customize a business profile’s cover with a video or images. This change should make it easier for a company to highlight their brand story and engage Pinterest users as soon as they see the profile. 

The updated business profiles also have improvements that will make communication with a target audience more efficient. Pinterest has tried to streamline the navigation which includes “an updated messaging feature for quick customer support and feedback”.

Companies that use Pinterest for marketing should consider using advertising on the platform to reach new audiences and to drive traffic to their sites. A new update to the advertising options makes it possible to showcase multiple products in a single ad. 

“Today we’re announcing Shop the Look ads in a new collections format for mobile,” the company explained in post announcing these updates. “It’s the easiest way for retailers to feature multiple products in a single ad so Pinners can discover great products in the context of a Pin’s image and click to checkout on the retailer’s site.”

The new ad format lets advertisers tag up to 25 items in a single image. This format would be perfect for images that show multiple items from a retailer’s collection, such as with clothing or decorating. With the new format, shoppers will be able to see a preview showcase of four items. The user can click through to see more content from the business. It’s a new way to encourage a target audience to interact with a brand’s products. 

Businesses that sell to an international audience can also benefit from updates to the catalog system. Several more countries were added to the catalogs feature which allows businesses to upload their full product catalog to Pinterest, which will “automatically turn their products into shoppable Product Pins.”

Making it easy for businesses to quickly add their entire inventory should encourage retailers to expand their social media efforts by including Pinterest. Marketers can greatly increase the reach of their social media marketing efforts without having to tediously add every item manually. 

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