Outreach International Says Thank You to Web Marketing Pros

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Web Marketing Pros of Jacksonville Beach, Florida has made an ongoing donation to Outreach International of blog design and hosting services. The site is http://blog.outreach-international.org.

Outreach International is a charitable organization dedicated to working with the world’s most marginalized people living in poverty. The organization, founded in 1979, doesn’t give handouts, or believe in short-term fixes. Rather, Outreach International believes in long term investments which bring about sustainable solutions and long-lasting change for the better. Outreach International calls it Sustainable Good.

The organization works in 107 communities in 12 countries, helping with 492 community-led projects which save lives and restore dignity. The organization estimates it has helped over 255,000 people in their individual fights against poverty.

Peter Roesler, President of Web Marketing Pros said, “Outreach International is the type of organization everyone can be excited about helping. They don’t put a short term Band-Aid on problems, but, instead, steadily work to improve lives – and entire regions – by helping people become self-sustaining and work towards individual, quiet dignity.

“Our ongoing commitment to Outreach International means we have the same values of helping and assisting people and organizations for a permanent solution, instead of providing temporary handouts which have no long term effect.”

Web Marketing Pros, established in 2009, is a nationally-known Internet marketing company working to help clients achieve the highest possible level of success through time-tested, innovative Internet marketing and search engine optimization programs.

Mr. Roesler and Web Marketing Pros can be reached at https://www.webmarketingpros.com or 800-771-2909.

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