Oracle CEO Rips Google as ‘Evil’, Apple in Decline

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

oracle-rips-googleLarry Ellison, the CEO of the tech giant Oracle, blasted Google in an interview this week on CBS. He called out Google CEO for overseeing the alleged decision at Google to ‘take Oracle’s stuff.’

Oracle makes a database that is widely used that runs various web systems, from online banking to airline reservations. The company is currently fighting Google in a nasty legal battle. Ellison maintaines that Google used Oracle programming language without any permission.

Ellison told Charlie Rose that Oracle is not in competition with the search giant. He noted that his firm does not do what Google does. “We just think they took our stuff and that was wrong…absolutely evil,’ he said.

Ellison said that Page makes the decisions at Google, which has seen some interesting new developments with its Google Glass technology, and that he decided to take what belonged to Oracle. He provided this example: When one writes a program for an Android smart phone, you write it with Oracle tools, and at the end, you convert it to the Android format. Ellison seems to be saying that Google is unfairly using Oracle’s intellectual property without proper compensation.

Ellison added that it really bothers him…” I don’t know how [Page] can think he can just copy someone else’s stuff.’

Ellison also added that he thinks that Apple is not going to be as successful with Steve Jobs’ passing last year. He said that Jobs – a personal friend of his – was an incredible inventor, and that Apple will decline without him.

Google, being at the top of the search engine pyramid, always has arrows fired at it. We’ll be interested to see how the Oracle-Google fight plays out.

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