On Site SEO Spam is Dead

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

What does onsite SEO spam mean?

Let’s face it we all have been to those sites.  You know the ones, they are so heavily spammed with keyword content you can’t figure out what to do.  Well Google hates those websites just as much as you do.  The recent Google Penguin update targeted low quality spammy sites and the recent Google Penguin 1.1 update confirmed that it’s here to stay.

So what are some examples of website spam?

  1. To many darn keywords in the copy, headlines and taglines.  Let’s say you are targeting Marketing Jacksonville.  You only need marketing a few times on the page and Jacksonville only once.  Locations are keyword modifiers.  You don’t need to add every single variation of Jacksonville scattered throughout the website once or twice will do.  Only add keywords where it makes sense, don’t add them to try to boost your rankings, those days are long gone.
  2. Internal link spamming is a big issue with a lot of sites.  Many times you will find that the all of the keywords on the homepage that are hyperlinked all go back to the homepage.  This creates a circle and a bad user experience.  If you hyperlink to something make sure it’s relevant to what you are linking to.
  3. Duplicate content is so boring I am still blown away by how much is out there.  Don’t build 100 pages for every market you are in and use the same copy and just change out the keywords, description and copy a little, this is a bad idea.  Is it really that hard to write new original content for each market?  After all your target audience is different in each market, they are unique and you should be too.
  4. Hidden copy and links stuffed with your keywords add no benefit to your website, they cause it to load slower and if the visitor finds it, it’s useless.
  5. Don’t add copy just to have copy, sell your product, sell your services.  SELL SELL SELL, forget about the SEO for a minute and give your audience what they want, not what the search engines what.   Keep in mind great copy sells and is very important, but keep it simple detailed and well organized.

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