New Twitter update continues the crackdown – this time on 3rd party apps

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Twitter is sporting a new API. It was updated in the first week of September with a mission to control 3rd party apps’ development, to encourage the use of official Twitter clients and to limit liability for a never-ending stream of tweets.

The update is a step toward progress for Twitter, but a potential obstacle for online marketers.

Businesses that depend on 3rd party apps to communicate constantly with their audience while on the go may have to reconsider how they reach out to mobile users. With version 1.1, the new Twitter update, several 3rd party apps are limited to only 100,000 users before they have to crawl to Twitter for permission to prosper any further.

Also, these 3rd party apps are in danger of becoming a hassle – in terms of inaccessible links to content – if Twitter decides to shut them down completely.
To avoid a pissed audience, after you’ve worked so hard to earn attention on their timelines, consider moving forward with the following proactive moves.

3 Ways to Keep Mobile Users in Spite of the New Twitter Update:

Use Tweetdeck to communicate with your audience on Twitter. Twitter owns this mobile application, so no worries about being shut down by the president of 140 character thoughts. It may not the best in terms of user experience, but it’s official.

Diversify your social media reach. Yes, Twitter is an excellent way to connect with like minds, valuable network contacts and business prospects, but it isn’t the only way. Facebook. LinkedIn. Google+. Pinterest. They all have their strengths when it comes to engaging with targeted audiences. Take advantage.

Respond quickly to inaccessible links and the accompanying complaints. If your followers don’t already know what’s going on, let them know. Explain the new Twitter update and how it affects those who use exiled 3rd party apps. Then direct them to your blog or other social media accounts where they can view the linked content.

Keep these three tips in mind going forward. In the face of Twitter’s crackdown on Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram, it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place just in case the big, bad boys at Twitter decide to mess with your mobile audience as well.

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