New SEO Tags at Bing Let You Tell Where You Want to Rank!

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

bing-logoToday is a great day for SEOs everywhere! Bing has decided to reward you for all of your hard work in the past! Now, there are new Bing SEO tags that will let you tell the search engine where you want to rank!

The new SEO tags cut out annoying search engine middlemen and allow you to put a couple of new tags in your code. That’s all you need to do to tell Bing where you want to rank. Here are the new magic tags:

<link rel=”SEO” query=”weather” set_to_position=”2″ />

<link rel=”SEO” must_be_before=”**” />

Ranking ahead of your competition has never been this easy! According to Bing, in the past some SEOs were trying to game the search engine results. Some SEOs were trying various ‘black hat’ tricks to get their sites to rank high in the engines. But now Bing saws that most websites follow best practices without being reminded, so they just do the right thing because it’s the thing to do. They are just too busy trying to run their sites to resort to tricks to get a better rank. So, Bing now wants to reward all that hard work and trust.

But remember – you only will be able to use one ‘must_be_before’ tag, so think carefully before you use it! But on next April 1, they promise to give you another 50 of these tags.

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