New Google search feature offers a second chance for email marketers

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Gmail account emails are being integrated into Google’s new SPYW (Search Plus Your World) interface. Emails in a user’s Gmail account are fair game when it comes to Google sniffing out the best, relevant information for you.

For example, if a user conducts a Google search for “online accounting,” emails in his Gmail account with that phrase and relevant content will be displayed on the right side of the SERP.

Google is giving email marketers a second chance

This new feature is another opportunity for successful email marketing if you’re sending quality content in e-newsletters and autoresponders.

Suppose your emails weren’t deleted. They were just a bit off in timing. Perhaps the consumer was not far along enough in the buying cycle to see the value in your autoresponder offer.

Or maybe he recently found out about the importance of the product you have for sale. He probably didn’t pay much attention to your e-newsletter with an article highlighting the ways to get the best results from the product.

Well now, email marketers have another chance to turn a prospect into a customer. Gmail account emails that were overlooked at the time they were sent out get a second chance to achieve web conversions.

If best practices in writing email headlines and delivering high quality content were followed, there’s a good chance that when the email shows up in search results, the user will click on it.

It’s the amusement of finding answers in your own emails.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes. You’ve just done a search and Google tells you that one of your very own emails has the answer! More than likely, seeing what an old, forgotten email has to say about your search is a bit more interesting than the search results.

It’s the thrill of having an answer at your disposal all along and not even knowing it. Just a human quirk that works to email marketers’ benefit in this case.

This new Google search feature is still in experimentation, but those who want to take part in the trial can sign up now to see how the newly incorporated Gmail search feature works.

Going further, email marketers should also keep the new Google search feature in mind when creating interesting and helpful content to be used in e-newsletters, autoresponders and any other form of email correspondence.

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