New Google Moto X Smartphone About to Be Unveiled

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

moto-x-google-phoneOur wait for Moto X is almost at an end.

In a call on earnings this week, the senior VP and chief financial officer for Google stated that the new Motorola smartphone is coming out in a few weeks.

Google and Motorola have been quiet about when the Moto X is going to be released, and not many details have been provided. A promotional video that was leaked did indicate that the phone would be available  in Canada in August.

That video, which was posted an Engadget, revealed some of the nice features of the new smartphone, such as voice commands. You do not need to touch the device at all and you can get directions, set an alarm, or do almost anything by voice. You also can just turn on the phone by twisting your wrist two times.

Motorola came out with an ad this week on the Internet and in magazines that said the Moto X is the very first smart phone that is completely made in the US. Google says that customers will be able to customize the phone with various colors and engravings.

Wall Street Journal thinks that Google could spend as much as $500 million on the marketing of the phone. This phone will be the first that Motorola developed from the ground up since Google bought them in 2012 for $12 billion. Investors will be watching to see if this big bet is going to pay off.

Many investors are not sure it was smart for Google to buy Motorola at all. If there is a strong reception from the public for the Moto X, this will help to convince people that the Google-Motorola partnership can be a productive one.

Google has been busy in many areas lately, including SEO, as it makes having specific SEO for mobile devices essential. Also, Google+ has been improved to help it to draw in more users. Overall, Google is constantly in motion on many fronts!

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