More Followers Isn’t Always Better

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

followersJust about everyone on social media – Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. – is obsessed with gaining more followers. But is having more followers really all that it’s cracked up to be?

Some experts say that trying to max out on followers is silly. Unlike a national television network, you do not need to have ¼ of the country watching what you are doing to be very successful.

For instance, let’s say that all of your followers from Twitter came to your house. If you had 5000 followers, would you have enough material to keep them informed and interested for an hour? Probably not. And would you have enough time to have a meaningful conversation with each of them? That would take a year or more.

So, unless you are pushing Pepsi or Jif or something, you do not need a huge audience to be a successful business.

Actually, if you were meeting your followers in person, it makes more sense to attract just a few, really interested followers per day – people who are very into your product or services.

These experts say that the real secret to success in social media is to focus a lot of attention on a small number of people. The more you think of followers as real people, the closer you are going to get to those people and the more good social media will use your business.

How to attract passionate followers? One great way is to make your PR efforts about very specific things. Let’s say you run a car restoration business. Rather than writing an article about Chevys in general, post a detailed story about the 1968 Camaro Sports Coupe. Then send out tweets and Facebook posts about it too.

By sticking to a specific item with a lot of details, and something you are really passionate about, you will attract a few people very interested in that particular item.

So, you do not really need to find 544 followers and prospects this week. What you need is to find four or five people really interested in what your business is doing. Those folks are your best prospects.

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