Mobile Devices Dominate Lives of Millennials

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

mobile-internet-conceptLike the PC was for the 90s, mobile devices have become the defining piece of technology for Millennials. The stereotype of Millennials who never leave their mobile devices is more fact myth. A new study from Domo shows that Millennials are using their mobile devices to handle just about everything. This data on the pervasiveness of mobile devices in the lives of Millennials show marketers the most effective ways to reach young adults.

The Domo study is based on surveys from more than 2,000 college students and found that almost all of them use mobile devices for purposes other than making phone calls. To start with the basics the lion’s share of those surveyed reported they use their phones to send or receive text messages (97%) or use them to access the Internet (96%). Two out of three (68%) said they turn to a mobile devices to stream music and send or receive pictures.

Smartphones are only part of the trend where more and more Millennials use technology that doesn’t keep them locked to a specific location. The researchers found that only 11 percent of Millennials still use a PC as their primary way of accessing the internet. Most Millennials are connecting to the Internet via smartphone (46%) or other mobile devices like tablets and laptops (43%).

The effects of being constantly connected extend far beyond entertainment options. This ‘always on’ access has led nine out of 10 (90%) of Millennials to expect their work environment to also be fast-paced. Most Millennials expect workplaces to be tech-savvy, including having mobile devices/laptops provided in addition to traditional benefits.

“The term ‘mobile’ will have very little significance in tomorrow’s workplace because mobile will be so pervasive,” said Josh James, Domo founder and CEO, according to a press release. “Today’s world is moving to mobile so rapidly that companies without a mobile-first mentality will have a difficult time attracting and retaining customers, and a far bigger challenge attracting and retaining talent.”

Providing additional mobile benefits can be a value for the company since 97% of millennials use mobiles for a variety of business purposes like searching the Internet for information, planning meetings, accessing financial information as well as streaming music (that many listen to while doing their work).

This information has several uses for business owners and marketers. Mobile marketing has always been an effective way to reach Millennial consumers, but that advertising has often been limited to consumer goods. This data shows that Millennials are constantly using their mobile devices for business purposes, which makes mobile devices a more attractive place to serve business to business ads.

Similarly, the growing use of mobile devices as a primary source of internet services like email means that marketers should ensure mobile friendliness when designing their email marketing materials.

Taking advantage of the growing popularity of mobile devices can be as easy as redesigning a website and increasing the amount of PPC ads served to mobile devices. If your target audience is Millennials, then you should be using mobile marketing to get your message to consumers.

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