Mitt Romney Gets Google Bombed with ‘Completely Wrong’

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Go to Google Images and first type in “completely wrong.”

Next, type in “one term proposition.”

That’s how you get to images of the two presidential candidates, Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

It’s not planned that way, it’s just the way that Google algorithms work. Governor Romney made the comment, “completely wrong” to describe the scenario of the now infamous 47% remark he thought he was making to a private group, but it went public because someone had a cell phone handy and turned it on to video record mode.

For now, Google’s internal brain thinks “completely wrong” is automatically associated with Mr. Romney.

Throughout his presidency, Mr. Obama has stated, “if I don’t have this economy done in three years, then this is going to be a one-term proposition.” That’s been used a number of times in quotes in various ways, and as Google always pays attention to everything, it noticed that phrase, too. So, if you want to see Google images of our president, just type in that phrase and lots and lots of Google images pop up in the results.

In short, as amusing as this is to political junkies and some others, this pretty well points up the power of search engine optimization. Fox News gave prominent play to a story on this subject, and, really, it gives one a reason to pause.

If someone is just “playing” with these phrases and then soar to the top of results in the Google search engine, what can be accomplished with a real SEO effort?

The engineers at Google and its corporate rivals work every day to upgrade and tweak their algorithms. They are constantly on the warpath trying to outsmart people who, in turn, are trying to outsmart Google engineers by finding ways to individually manipulate the algorithms to their benefit, not Google’s benefit. It’s a running battle that’s not likely to end anytime soon.

In the end, it points to the necessity of having professionals create proper SEO campaigns. Google and its ilk have minds of their own, and trying to manipulate Google or any of the other search engines is most likely a losing proposition, with the wrong end results, without proper search engine optimization.

SEO is not for those with some moments to spare while playing on the Internet. SEO is serious business requiring serious professionals.

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