Look Out – Facebook Privacy Setting Changing Again

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

facebook_likesIf w could give a relationship status to Facebook and privacy, we would opt for ‘it’s complicated.’ Just about every day, Facebook is slammed with more user feedback that demands more privacy setting options, as well as more choice in determining what others can and cannot see.

So, Facebook is now coming out with new features so you can better understand who you are sharing information with, and how their sharing of your information could affect you. Some of the changes have been hitting newsfeeds this week, and others are going to be released in the next month, says Michael Novak, a product manager at Facebook.

Novak said recently that many people feel Facebook privacy options have changed too much in the recent past, and they were not well communicated. Now Facebook is thinking of privacy as not just settings or controls, but as a set of experiences that will help users feel more comfortable with sharing information.

Some highlights of what is coming to your Facebook page soon:

As we all know, Facebook is constantly making changes. It recently made changes that are having a negative effect on organic traffic for small businesses, which is causing some businesses to weigh if they should still market on Facebook at all. We’ll see how the latest changes to Facebook shake out in the next few weeks.

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