LinkedIn Adds Customs CTA and Communities Hashtags to Pages

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

LinkedIn is the perfect portal for reaching business owners and professionals. Many companies and individuals have LinkedIn profiles for their organization. However, it can still be challenging to generate leads on the platform. Last week, LinkedIn announced new page options that will help businesses engage with their target audience.

Last year, the social network for professionals introduced LinkedIn Pages, which gave LinkedIn users access to tools and features to create better content and to grow their community. The company plans to make LinkedIn pages more useful by making some minor changes and adding new features.

As LinkedIn’s Rishi Jobanputra explained in a recent blog post, “Today, we’re excited to announce new features for LinkedIn Pages that make it easier to engage your community and participate in the conversations that matter most to your business. LinkedIn Pages provides you with an indispensable hub to connect with the customers and prospects who support your brand and want to stay in-the-know about your organization.” 

One of the most significant changes involves the Call-to-Action on a LinkedIn Page. The default option is to encourage people to “Follow” a page. With the latest update, businesses can tailor their Call-to-Action button to better suit their needs. Some of the new options include: Contact us, Learn more, Register, Sign Up, and Visit website.

It may seem like a small thing, but having the right Call-to-Action can increase the number of leads and engagement a LinkedIn Page generates. LinkedIn has also made it easier to judge the effectiveness of these various options by providing more in-depth CTA analytics for business owners and marketing teams.

Another small change that can have a significant impact is the introduction of new features for Communities Hashtags. LinkedIn describes Communities Hashtags as something “that allows you to associate your Page with relevant hashtags and join important conversations that members and organizations are having on those topics.” Despite the wordy description, these hashtags operate just like hashtags on any other platform. One difference is that page owners will be able to associate their page with a hashtag.

LinkedIn closed their announcement by letting users know that it is now possible to edit LinkedIn pages from mobile devices. This addition is great news for business owners and marketers who are always on the move. Mobile editing means the conversations with the community doesn’t have to end because the page owner isn’t by a desktop computer.

However, the new features that LinkedIn just announced (i.e., custom calls-to-action and Community Hashtags), can only be used on desktops at present. It seems likely that LinkedIn will make these features available on mobile in the future, though no plans for this have been announced.

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