Is the new Digg just another Pinterest for news?

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

Digg was one of the pioneers of Web 2.0, when companies started to realize the value of having their supporters interact in a communal online setting.

Recently, Digg underwent renovation and re-launched with a new website design. And some are disappointed by the lack of community the new Digg design offers, in favor of social sharing instead.

Where the old Digg had a user comment feature right there on the site, the new Digg only incorporates actions (and reactions) from Twitter and Facebook. Some say that the new Digg is pretty much just another Pinterest – yet, for news.

Considering Pinterest’s success, this may not be such a bad thing.

There are advantages of Digg’s new design.

It is more mobile-friendly, especially for iPhone users. In this era where smartphones rule, it’s important for websites to offer the best experience for mobile users. Eliminating user comment sections allows the site to run faster on mobile. In return, readers are usually happy to share from their cell phones just as they would from their desktop or laptop.

To log in to the new Digg, you must do so with either Twitter or Facebook. Smart move to encourage cross sharing on different social networks. What better way to promote online content then to spread it across multiple online channels. The new Digg excels in that aspect.

Finally, the new Digg takes advantage of screen space by featuring attractive images accompanied by bold headlines. Both are great ways to make content more interesting and influence more clicks and shares. Before its redesign, Digg was infamous for its long pages of links and user comment sections. Now the site surely resembles the pin board formation that is characteristic of Pinterest.

The new Digg seems to have chosen social sharing as a top priority over a user comment feature, which would allow conversing in one online location.

But Digg still values interaction and users communicating with one another – just in a different form. A form that allows the website to achieve higher visibility by facilitating the social sharing of interesting news.

Digg is not totally oblivious to the backlash that comes along with getting rid of the user comment feature. They revealed in a blog post that new commenting features are on their to-do list.

The new Digg is seeking to be a win-win for all – and to take back its place of prominence in the social media arena.

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