Important Google Ranking Signals You Must Know

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

For search engine optimization, there is no question that content is the key to success. While technical SEO is a “thing,” and it does play a role (mind you, a minimal role), Google has made it clear – time and time again: all you need for Google to notice your site is quality, relevant, and useful content.

What you have to figure out is what is meant by high-quality content?

Keep reading to find out the answer to this question.

Important Google Ranking Signals You Must Know

Content That Attracts Links

One of the oldest ranking signals that Google uses is a backlink profile. Since Google first launched, backlinks were at the very core of its ranking algorithm. Even though Google has added hundreds of other signals since them, backlinks are still considered quite powerful.

In the beginning, the concept was simple: the more links, the better.

At this time, website owners would take advantage of this simple concept by getting as many backlinks as possible, usually from subpar sources. Now, though, Google has gotten smart and focuses on quality links over quantity.

To get these links, you must also develop linkable content. This is content that is so good that people want to link to it.


This should be at the top of the list. But, since linking is an older ranking factor, it comes first. 

In the past, putting a specific keyword in your article or on a webpage a few times was enough for Google to believe you posted relevant content. This was another signal that was easy to manipulate, and Google has changed this, too.

One of the most significant ways that Google improved the relevancy algorithms was by introducing semantic mapping. This helped Google understand each query made in context, instead of matching the precise sequence of words to the documents that were indexed.

With semantic research, publishers can create more relevant, better-researched content. This is going to help Google create better rankings, too.

Length of Your Content

This is a search signal that is still a source of several arguments and debates in the SEO realm. The truth is, the definitive answer may never be known, though several studies show that Google seems to favor longer-form content.

It has been argued that long-form content will generate more backlinks, and, as a result, it ranks higher. In either case, it is a direct ranking signal or just a way to create more linkable content. As a result, it seems like this is the best option.

In this situation, though, it is best to use your editorial judgment.

Are You Adhering to the Top Google Ranking Signals?

If you haven’t been using the information listed here, now is the time to do so. In some cases, this is going to require you to enlist the help of the professionals. They can help ensure you get the desired results and that you are ranking as well as possible for your industry or search topic.

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