Hulu and Netflix Are Changing TV as We Know It

Peter Roesler, President - Web Marketing Pros

By Peter Roesler

President, Web Marketing Pros

netflix-hulu-tv-evolutionWith services such as Hulu and Netflix on the rise, the world of television is changing. More often people are turning toward their computer screens rather than their television. It’s official, online is taking over.

These services are simple and cheap, two things every person loves.

However, people just can’t escape the advertisements. The problem is people just cannot handle them for some odd reason. Even though, when looked at it, the company is forking out large sums of money for you to just spend 30 seconds viewing it. So I’d just say let it happen. Besides, advertisements aren’t all bad, they allow us to discover new products coming out and new services, we just have to hope that the company isn’t cheap and creates a low quality, boring ad.

With these services, a person no longer has to wait week after week for their show to come on, because they have entire seasons. A person can happily be a hermit in their homes, finishing entire shows. Sure, people may look at this badly, but we just can’t judge people, let them be hermits!

These services also give the capability of streaming through Wi-Fi connected devices.
With systems like Blu Rays and game systems being able to stream these services through televisions, people no longer have to watch satellite and cable to keep up with their shows. Personally, I haven’t used my satellite service in months due to the fact that I stream Netflix through my Xbox. So, I’d imagine there are plenty of others doing similar things. I mean, why not?

It is the same as watching satellite or cable, but much more convenient and possibly cheaper dependent on the device used. Certain devices though, such as Xbox, require a membership to them, as well as a membership to the streaming service. Though, if you are a gamer, you probably already have these memberships anyways.

Satellite and cable are still fighting to stay relevant, but who knows for how long. In ten years they could be obsolete with services such as these taking over. I’m sure they will exist is some forms, they may even conform to the trends and begin streaming likewise.
Who knows what’s next? Soon you may be seeing a big change and you’ll either have to jump on the wagon or get left behind, it’s up to you.

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